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    Dave Yasvinski is a writer, editor and content marketer with over 20 years of experience in Canadian media — the bulk of which was spent at the National Post. His most recent work has focused on the health and cannabis industries, two subjects near and dear to his heart.


    When not locked to his laptop, Dave enjoys long walks on the beach with his dog, quiet nights in with his wife and spending quality time with his guitar. He can be found at yasvinski@gmail.com or in the local dog park.

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    A new study has found motorists and passengers wary of the risks of COVID-19 face a fork in the road when they hop in a vehicle: one direction increases exposure to the virus, the other  to toxic air pollution.

    The internet may good for our brains after all, according to a new study that says surfing through one’s retirement years can have a big impact on cognitive function.


    Tired of covering up your maskne on a typical Blursday afternoon before fighting crowds of covidiots when you’d really rather be home fixing yourself a quarantini and procrasturbating your worries away? You’re not alone.


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    My hobby — Dogging_It — an Instagram account and creative outlet

    Meanwhile, back in Canada...

    Find someone who puts that bounce in your step.

    That one overprotective friend.

    That magical first kiss.

    He's got a black belt in Shihtz Fu.

    The exact moment Snowball realized he was in over his head.

    Me trying to make friends.

    Look, I'm just saying you could have brought a ball.

    Red Bull gives you wings.

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